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At 1,724 kilos, the 600HD is H. Barber & Sons’ largest SURF RAKE beach cleaner. It is successfully used in a variety of municipal, private and contracting applications.

Cleaning up to 2.4 hectares an hour with its 1.83m wide conveyor and a cleaning width of 2.14m, the 600HD has a very large cleaning width capacity of any beach cleaner.

The 2.3 cubic metre hopper can lift up to 2,000 kilos of material and dump its contents hydraulically from a height of 2.75m.

The Barber fits to any standard 4-wheel drive tractor, ideally 80-100HP via a category 2 drawbar on the link arms. The machine requires one single acting spool valve from the tractor and ideally a set of front end weights or front end loader to compensate the weight on the link arms and aid traction in soft sand.

Optional extras are complete galvanising, automatic finisher, castor wheels and a hydraulically operated moldboard.

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