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The Ondina is a pedestrian controlled beach cleaner ideal for smaller beaches and in areas where the larger machines cannot access, it is also ideal for sand play areas in parks and the cleaning and maintenance of bunkers on golf courses.

The Ondina is powered by a Honda 5.5HP petrol engine and sifts the sand allowing debris to be deposited in the hopper at the rear while the sand goes back onto the ground.

There are a choice of mesh sizes available which are 4, 5, 8 or 12mm to clean different sand conditions. The machine has a vibrating screen system and has two forward speeds and a reverse.

It has a cleaning width of 75cm and is adjustable to a depth of 10cm. The machine will clean areas between 1,250-2,800 square metres per hour and has a hopper capacity of 25 litres. The machines chasis is completely hop dipped galvanised. It comes as standard with a differential lock to assist in soft sand conditions.

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