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Mean Green Commercial Electric Mowers

  • Mean Green Mowers offer mowing times up to 7 hours depending on terrain, operator performance and grass conditions, with horsepower exceeding most petrol mowers in its class and maximum torque from the start.
  • Powered by Lithium-Ion battery, there are zero emissions, very low running costs and low noise compared with any other mower in its class.
  • No fuel costs, no fuel transportation issues, very low servicing costs and no belts all add up to making the Rival-52/60 one of the most cost effective zero turns on the market with the added benefits to the environment of zero emissions and low noise.

RINO & CaRINO Electric Mowers

  • The RINO Electric range of mowers are powered by Lithium-Ion battery, there are zero emissions, very low running costs and low noise.
  • The CaRino is the first multi-purpose, 100% electric super compact tractor on the market: No matter what it is used for it does so with zero emissions to the atmosphere and up to 5 hours working time.
  • The RINO is the first electric multifunctional solution in the world:  It can operate in any of its multiple configurations without dangerous emissions and up to 6 hours working time

Altoz Tracked Mowers

Altoz are the ultimate workhorse for the toughest, most challenging terrain and environments.

Low ground pressure and high traction are key to getting more jobs done with less damage.  Limiting the ground pressure reduces spinning, rutting, and damaging underground structures especially on soft ground.  The high traction from the TRX All-terrain track system allows for better control, especially on slopes.  Optional Turf Tracks are less aggressive and perfect for soft ground, rolling hills and sensitive terrain.

Litter Collection

Electric Vacuum Litter Collectors

  • Back pack, pedestrian litter collector and revolutionary crook handled street orderly barrows

Petrol Vacuums

  • Back pack, pedestrian litter collector and revolutionary crook handled street orderly barrows

Street Barrows 

  • Electric vacuum, electric vacuum with heavy duty battery, petrol vacuum

Commercial Leaf Loaders

  • T7 and T10

Barber Tractor Drawn Litter Picker

The Barber LP-1 is a tractor drawn mechanical Litter Picker. The machine is effective on grass, dirt, and paved surfaces. The picker gently combs the ground while removing surface litter such as paper, cans, cardboard, wood, cups etc.


Mosquito & Nesbo Weedrippers

Pedestrian controlled Weed Rippers, ideal for removing weeds and detritus from back edges, pathways and kerb sides etc, Alternative brushes can be used for removal of moss etc on block paving, tarmac and other sensitive surfaces.

Beach Cleaners

At 1,724 kilos, the 600HD is H. Barber & Sons’ largest SURF RAKE beach cleaner. It is successfully used in a variety of municipal, private and contracting applications

The model 400HD is an excellent choice for smaller resorts, privately owned beaches and confined beaches areas.

The Ondina is a pedestrian controlled beach cleaner ideal for smaller beaches and in areas where the larger machines cannot access, it is also ideal for sand play areas in parks and the cleaning and maintenance of bunkers on golf courses

The Sandman is suitable to clean beaches where conventional tractors and beach cleaners cannot operate or where access is very limited; underneath piers, around beach amusements, furniture and golf course bunkers.

OBERG Oil Filter Crushers

The P-100WM is ideally suited for small to medium size maintenance shops where autos, vans, etc. are maintained. It is a wall mounted Oil Filter Press.

The OBERG P-200L is the most popular model for crushing heavy duty truck filters. The P-200L accepts filters up to 41cm tall and crushes multiple automotive size filters at once.

The OBERG Model P-300L provides more crushing force than any competitor, crushing filters up to 51cm tall, multiple smaller filters at once, and oily shop rags.


The Overton product range covers street cleansing, beach cleaning and environmental markets ensuring there is a product to suit most needs. We not only manufacture our own vacuums and street barrows but we import the right cleaning equipment from America and Europe to meet our customers needs

We pride ourselves in our forward thinking and commitment to invest in the continuous product development of our range for our users, meaning our customers get the assurance that they are purchasing a high quality, reliable and durable product that offers maximum productivity with low maintenance requirements as well as offering the level of service that only a family business can provide.



Overton are proud to design and manufacture their own Vacuums and Street Barrows in the UK.


Overton consult with our clients to ensure we continually improve our products with the operator at the centre.


Overton are always happy to aid you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

“Our wide product portfolio within the street cleansing, beach cleaning and environmental markets ensures that there is a product to suit most needs.”


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